XIII International Forum "Polish-Ukrainian Business Days"

May. 2021
We are convinced that new knowledge and experience is the key to business development and professional growth! That is why the team of the ND Group does not stop, expands new horizons and works diligently on new development prospects.

On 20th-21st of May, Warsaw hosted the XIII International Forum "Polish-Ukrainian Business Days", and ND Group also participated in the event represented by Deputy General Director of Technical Affairs - Yuri Morgunov.

More than 35 speakers, including high-ranking officials, public figures, diplomats, experts, analysts, lawyers from Poland and Ukraine, as well as big business were present!

2 days and 5 intensive panel discussions to negotiate promising areas of development and optimization of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in business, as well as sources of cheap financial resources, new legal and tax aspects of doing business, logistics and e-commerce.