June, 2021

Our new reason for pride!

ND Group has completed the first stage of strategic structure complex automation for the domestic forces of Ukraine in Odessa and received a positive decision on the issuance of a Certificate for a comprehensive protection system of the domestic forces of Ukraine.
May. 2021

XIII International Forum "Polish-Ukrainian Business Days"

We are convinced that new knowledge and experience is the key to business development and professional growth! That is why the team of the ND Group does not stop, expands new horizons and works diligently on new development prospects.
May, 2021

Participation in the Visotsky Business Forum

The world is moving with accelerated speed, where even the slightest stop is a step backwards. Modern world dictates its rules and without systematic improvement of oneself as a person, as well as one's team, a leader will never build a successful business.
May, 2021

The future depends on our decisions!

Participation in charity projects is one of the trends in the modern world. ND Group is not an exception! Our company tries to make the world a better place.