Expert in organization and automation of oil and gas business

We estimate
  • Theft volume
  • Lost profit
  • Direct and indirect losses
We implement
  • Automation systems for oil and related products sale
  • Systems for remote facilities control
  • Systems of early detection and prevention of emergencies
You get
  • Increase of business profitability
  • Reduction of losses and risks
  • Reputation of a company working on principle "Honesty is a norm of business"

Resident of internal business security

We detect
  • Schemes of deception of owner by management
  • Schemes of deception of management by personnel
  • Schemes of deception of filling station clients
We provide
  • Accurate account of products
  • Automatic data collection, processing and transfer on real-time basis
  • Continuous monitoring of remote facilities and personnel actions
You control
  • Business processes
  • Personnel
  • Remote facilities
  • Oil products transportation

Defender of rights of clients of filling stations

We control
  • Fuel quality
  • Filling accuracy
  • Service level
Client gets
  • Fuel of the claimed quality
  • Filling accuracy
  • High level of service

International company with a development center located in Ukraine

We produce in Ukraine
  • We investigate
  • We develop
  • We implement
  • We modernize
We compete everywhere
  • Ukraine
  • Latin America
  • Southeast Asia
  • East Europe
  • CIS