Social projects

ND Group is a technology company. Our production cycle includes scientific research, laboratory testing and industrial implementation. The products manufactured under the ND brand are the result of serious intellectual work of the development engineers.

In recent years, the prestige of the profession of an engineer has been largely lost. The society has forgotten that the level of economic development of the nation is determined by its own technologies. The purpose of our social initiative "Be on the level" is to improve the quality of training of technical specialists and prestige of the engineering profession.

Laboratory of digital signal processing as a gift to the KPI Department of Telecommunication Systems

The Digital Signal Processing Laboratory for the KPI Department of Telecommunication Systems is the initial contribution of the ND Group of Companies to high-quality training of technical specialists by Ukrainian universities.

The event, from which the implementation of the social ND group project "Be on the level", began in May 2017. The KPI Department of Telecommunication Systems received sponsorship assistance in equipping the laboratory with modern digital signal processing equipment.

The university was not chosen by chance. National Technical University KPI (Kiev, Ukraine) is the leading technical university in the country and alma mater of the founder and CEO of ND Group Leonid Pashkevych. Almost all the engineers of the company are also graduates of this famous university of the capital. And in the plans there is an expansion of the staff of highly qualified employees at the expense of young specialists, prepared "to order" by the KPI Department of Telecommunication Systems.

The digital signal processing laboratory, donated to the "native" department, is a modern scientific and technical base, which is urgently needed for quality education. The leading teachers of the departments determined the range of equipment to equip the laboratory. All equipment is the latest developments of world leaders. The laboratory is designed for 8 training places. Students of all courses and specialties of the Department of Telecommunication Systems can study at it.

The department sincerely hopes for a gradual revival of the radio engineering industry. After all, the defense capability of the country directly depends on the level of development of its own technologies in this industry. Nowadays it is important for Ukraine more than ever before.

Opening of the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory at the KPI Department of Telecommunication Systems

Kyiv, Ukraine,   May 2017
2 June, 2020

Care for the future!

Children from 0 to 1 month old with birth defects are the most unprotected, who require qualified medical care and special medical equipment. Our company decided to help the “OhMatDet” Children's Hospital and undoubtedly join in saving children's lives.