ND brand values

1. ND is an expert in the field of organization and automation of oil and gas business

The knowledge and practical experience acquired in the process of 20 years of activity made the Company an expert in the automation of the oil and gas business.

The de facto technological solutions supplied by ND for the automation of the oil and gas business occupy more than 60% of the market. The solutions are based on deep professional knowledge of the physics of liquid and a well-developed mathematical model of the behavior of liquid fuel under different conditions. And in combination with measuring devices based on its own patented technology, the efficiency of the automation system surpasses all known analogues. Perhaps, therefore, the Company, having come to the oil and gas market not among the first, managed to drive out competitors, take a leading position and keep it for the past 10 years.

The Company is able to maintain its leading positions not only due to the high efficiency of typical solutions and the quality of their services, but also the ability to solve specific problems of the oil and gas business.

2. ND is a resident of internal security of business

ND technological solutions are an uninterrupted process of remote control of business processes.

The software and hardware ND complex is an accurate automated oil products metering from the petroleum storage to the tank of the car, independent and continuous monitoring of personnel and equipment operations, software factor analysis of the current situation, and a multi-level signaling system.

The ND complex automated system is an efficient and effective business management based on accurate and objective data; it is a control of the situation, the possibility of an adequate and timely response.

3. ND is a business honesty marker

A new quality of business is a guarantee of honest service at the filling station: fuel of the declared quality without an underfill.

A direct customer of ND is a business that becomes honest simply because ND solutions do not allow stealing.

4. ND is an international production company with a development center in Ukraine

ND is a Ukrainian brand. The intellectual, technological and production capacities of the Company are located in Ukraine. Taxes are paid here. Its founder lives and works here.

Contrary to the skepticism of the post-Soviet citizen in relation to domestic enterprises, ND is not a resource, but a technology business that develops, produces, implements and maintains systems that control the quality and quantity of fuel from the petroleum storage to the tank of the car.

The high-precision measuring equipment developed by us surpasses the parameters of the best world analogues. And the complexity of the proposed solutions allows us to be a leader in our niche in the global market.