The history of ND began in Ukraine in the late 90's. Initially, it was created as an engineering one, and the main object of business was filling stations. At that time the filling stations in Ukraine were simple objects designed exclusively for refueling cars. At the filling station you could not drink coffee or have a bite, wash the car or pump the wheel, buy engine oil, coolant and so on. But even simple systems required automation. And ND company started developing such systems.

First, we learned how to turn mechanical stations into electronic ones. Then we learned to combine them into local networks with peripheral equipment. To do that, we had to study the protocols of data interaction and exchange, which the leading European and American manufacturers used.

In 2002, we designed and developed our first cash register based on the Citizen printer. And in 2004 we launched a full-scale integrated solution on the basis of the IBM POS-terminal. Since then, IBM is our general partner, and the POS terminals of this manufacturer are an invariable component of our "typical" complex automation solution for filling stations.

In 2008, ND acquired the company "Viatech", which was engaged in the development and production of level measurement systems. The merger of the two companies made it possible to substantially refine the production technology, introduce new algorithms for the ultrasonic signal processing. The result was the appearance of a control and measuring device of new generation - an ultrasonic level meter and indicator (UUS). The device is protected by patents and today it provides worthy competition to advanced world solutions.

Since that time a new era of development and growth of the company has begun. Now ND carries out complex automation of not only oil and gas facilities, but also transport and chemical industry enterprises. Our complex solutions include a full cycle of activities: examination, research, design, development, implementation, maintenance.

Today ND staff is about 200 employees. The company has offices in Mexico, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.