The founder

Leonid Pashkevych, the founder and CEO of the ND group of companies, is a man with a philosophy that guides him both in life and in business.

«My deep conviction is that a person is a conscious entity capable of self-improvement and changing one's being towards creation or consumption. I like creation».

  • The primacy of knowledge for the effective management of the company follows from the classical theory of management based on Deming wheel (cycle): PDCA (plan – do – check – act). The cyclicity and continuity of the process is provided by the constant improvement of knowledge, the correctness of which is verified by practice. Knowledge becomes the key to business success.
  • In any industry, the difference between a professional and an amateur is in knowledge. Amateur is unpredictable: he moves at random, rushes, tries. The professional knows what the result of his work will be: his actions are accurate and confident. Thus, knowledge is the determining factor of professional development.
  • The level of a person's spiritual development depends on the level of knowledge that he has at the moment. Awareness of self and surrounding reality occurs as knowledge is accumulated. Lack of desire to learn leads to a halt in development, and in the future — to the degradation of the individual. Knowledge is a driving force of self-improvement.
  • As a result, a moment comes when knowledge determines existence.

This concept, which Leonid Pashkevych embodies in practice, only at first glance has a remote relation to engineering technologies. Today, global competition largely translates into competition of corporate cultures. Humanitarian models supplant the obsolete ones, and the role of the leader in this process is crucial. His personal worldview, philosophy and principles inevitably influence the formation of the company's culture, and it, in its turn, determines the business mission and its prospects.